Meet Sunset

With a tradition of more than 23 years, Sunset is the pearl of the first restaurants on Ada Ciganlija, one of the largest beaches on artificial lakes in Europe.

Built with love

Sunset opened its doors on July 4, 1999, on Makiš shore of, so called, “Belgrade Sea”, when a family of physical education graduates began its story with plenty of love, willingness, enthusiasm and effort. Thanks to the contribution and trust of numerous friends, regular guests and business associates, the restaurant has built its widely recognizable identity.

Tradition & Innovation

Preserving tradition and keeping up with the present has always been a challenge. Modernization, but with respect for tradition, was the key to the winning formula created by the founders and refined over the years. Taking into account each of the five senses, Sunset has been constantly advancing, anticipating and setting trends in the hospitality industry.

Identity is
in details

Its authentic visual identity enchants with its liveliness. The interior exudes natural ambience full of details, spontaneity and joy of life. Over time, Sunset has become a recognizable brand, which carries all those emotions, associations and experiences that, for a reason, make guests feel at home and always happy to return.

In the Company of Family & Friends

They say that the taste of food is affected by the atmosphere and that the most delicious food is the one a person eats in the company of their family and friends. We believe that there are places outside our homes that also have good energy, soul and friendly environment. We believe Sunset is such a place and that we can become your second home!

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